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 Lucky82 bad behaviour

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PostSubject: Lucky82 bad behaviour   Wed Nov 12, 2008 4:10 am

So what am i doing, well it's my hobby to snoop on the forum about 'bad behaviour'of shaiya members, one stood out the last 3 days, lucky82.

He's being accused of Asmo camping, funny, many say he's busted, and is indeed camping, hehehehehe. SS galore. It's a matter of time before he's banned. Thus, when you see him lurk around, for the heck of it, see what he does. It's funny. For one he's Camping, secondly he's rude, so if your in a party (for Asmo Quest) and see this guy? Beware. He'll request Party when he's nearly busted and picks up the reward.

Loto? Maybe your def can teach him? LMAO


Screeny of this guy in action
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Lucky82 bad behaviour
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