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 _TUNC_ a little bit dumb sometimes

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PostSubject: _TUNC_ a little bit dumb sometimes   Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:27 am

Here we were, in Mait bossroom, no questers so boss, perpare to die, then we saw our (cough-cough) -all loved- _TUNC_. Dashing in like an idiot and getting a mob after her hiney.

This was the result. lol

We all thought it funny. ^_^

For all the new members, .

We helped her once with a mission in dinoland and she left party without a 'Thank you' and

Also we were fighting with the Mait boss once and she bluntly said -no quester in sight- "Sorry i will have to report you."

So yeaaah, this is entertainment.
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_TUNC_ a little bit dumb sometimes
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