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 Application format. Read it.

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PostSubject: Application format. Read it.   Thu Nov 27, 2008 2:55 pm

All applications must have the following Q&A answered to be taken under consideration.

We are a pvp based guild, and as such, we require that members maintain a pvp character. PvEing is fine, as we all have to get funds/unlock modes, however, your main goal should be to play that pvp character. Do you agree to these terms?

Any player vs. player or guild vs. guild gaming experience you may have.

Any prior membership with other gaming guilds must be disclosed to us.

How you heard about War Ensemble and why you are interested in joining us.

Do you agree to place ALL of your characters in our guild? If so, list them, so that we can note which names not to remove from the pending list.

Your acknowledge of and agreement to fully follow, uphold and be governed by War Ensemble's Charter and Code of Conduct

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Application format. Read it.
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