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 Just wanted to say grats to Extreme on the red star.

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PostSubject: Just wanted to say grats to Extreme on the red star.   Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:52 pm

Grats mate on the red star. If i heard corectly you are the first lightie to get it, thats quite an honor. I'm just sorry to see that you had to noss up like that to get it. I know that on the fury side your reputation suffered because of it just like NoScope. I'm not trying to bash you or anything, but you know how MetalFetus feels about that stuff. First House, now you, pvp won't be quite the same now.

Hope you enjoy the long grinding process more then I do, for me its like torture. Maybe we'll bump heads again sometime in 1-60.

House..it was good to see you again, grats on lv 51.

Keylia/Corvenis- Proud member of MetalFetus
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Kirin Founder

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PostSubject: Re: Just wanted to say grats to Extreme on the red star.   Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:01 pm

Thanks Keylia. I know nosing up is going to hurt my reputation as a fair pvper, but honestly I didn't care about it when I made the decision. I have heard so much crap and smack talking before I nos up to a point that I just don't give a damn Smile I just couldn't stand it any long of being laughed at by the likes of Noscope, Gilgamesh, you name it, all those frequent fury nossers out there.

Did I buy my pvp rank? Yes, No, maybe. People can say all they want and be judgemental about someone else.

Also, I still have that resentment when TRINE calling me nosser when I wasn't even nossed. Also I still remember vividly how he calling me idiots and dare challenge me to nos up because Metal Fetus guild will take away my nosses.

Also, Grizzlism was commenting on how Metal Fetus guild smells nossers like having a radar and how Metal Fetus guild have a proved "system" to take down the nossers.

I know what "system" he was talking about - a team of sins. I actually have thought about making an UM sin just to take down the nossers. However, it was easier said then done.

A team of sins may very neutralize and immobilize me when I am NOT nossed. I went down quite many times in the past in my "pre-nossed" days because of 2-3 sins constantly stunning me. However, I hope I provided enough challenge and evidence to show that, when I am fully nossed, even a team of sins can't do jack-shit about it Smile

There were 5 sins on me once, one after another, but I still got out of it un-scratched. It is to show that, when those nosses are in the hand of an experienced pvper, it is so over-powered and unfair to those who are un-nossed.

Metal Fetus guild has put together a team of sins trying to take me down when I am fully nossed many times. I believe they have all failed Razz I have changed my playstyle to target sins first, one hit them, eliminate the threats first to a point no fury sins dare to come closer to me. In my last 10K kills, majority of sins stealth away when they see me running toward them. Just ask OZH, hehe.

The only sin that is giving me headache and I must admit that I even feared him is : .Sancho. Although he is fully nossed as well and I will admit that I will lose 1 v 1 against him. He got my health down almost to zero once in Iron Blood and I ported out by using party summon. I am sure he will use his stealth technique when he is about to die, so I wouldn't call that a cheat Smile

I am lucky that .Sancho. only solo by himself and was just there to have fun.

By no means I am putting down Metal Fetus guild, you guys decide to keep your honour. Good for you all. You guys wanted challenge, I gave you the challenge. I don't care what furies think or say about me. If you always care about what others think about you, you probably are not going anywhere in this game.

Ksing boss, farming lv5 lapis in stigma, Dpsing other party for legend gears when you are a high lvl. These kind of things are eventually bound to happen and making enemies on both sides are inevitable.

But at least TRINE should have the decency to respond when I said hello to him in Starfumous instead of cussing me out.

However, I don't brag about how I own or smack talking when I am fully nossed. I only respond to those who smack talks but respect those who still choose to fight with honor. I respect even more for those who know it is not a match but still come out to fight me as long as they have their chance to swing a shot.

We might bump heads again in 1-60 Smile But you don't have to worry about that I will ruin your farming/grinding session if you greet me or say hello to me, I promise Smile
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PostSubject: grats!   Tue Dec 09, 2008 5:56 pm

extreme ranked? WOOOT! grats dude =)

almost holiday, and only about 3 or 4 more weeks until im gonna move to sweden. so, almost being able to get active again:P
damn, it would * to be back on and see im a far noob compared to you by now =s
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PostSubject: Re: Just wanted to say grats to Extreme on the red star.   

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Just wanted to say grats to Extreme on the red star.
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