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 Lightside Dread Set Guide.

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PostSubject: Lightside Dread Set Guide.   Sat Oct 11, 2008 11:17 pm

[Note: This guide, as well as the others I will post in this section of the forums comes directly from Forums.aeriagames.com - the official Shaiya forums. I am posting this information here for those who have yet to find these resources, as well as to bring it closer to home for those who have already used these guides.
Each post starts off with a link to the original guide.]


*this is only for hard and ultimate mode characters

Light Dread Set Guide

Lv29 Glove
Quest Item: Poemas Mandolin
Location: The lake outside of vill, Julia Duiliun

Lv30 Shoes
Quest Item: Monkey Skull
Location: South of vill, Swordtail Sealakel Fighter (*Confirmed by Ithilidin)

Lv31 Pant
Quest Item: Empty Trunt
Location: Right outside the vill, orc robber

Lv32 Armor
Quest Item: Lens Bow
Location: South of vill, Priest Dunpmum, in middle of those swordtail sealakel

*In order to start the Poemas Mandolin quest, a previous quest is required.
Previous Quest has something to do with Creath Question(NPC) and Catherine Parker(NPC).
Quest Title: Fail Experiment(1)

Hope it helps someone. BTW, if anyone has to do the Dread Quests, please post here - yours truly has yet to do his.
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PostSubject: Re: Lightside Dread Set Guide.   Mon Oct 27, 2008 4:04 am

Just for good messure, it took me quite a while to get the quest from Julia, dont dispair, just keep killing her (killed her 25 times or so) . As far Dempnum the priest goes - the silky, killed him about 5 times. If you dont get it right away, keep on killing!

I also have some dread stuff for defs. a hammer and a sword for fighter/def, single handed, let me know in GC if someone has interest.
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Lightside Dread Set Guide.
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