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 Black Breath Quest lvl 49

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PostSubject: Black Breath Quest lvl 49   Tue Oct 14, 2008 1:40 am

Black Breath Quest lvl 49.
thought it would be handy to give the stats.

Quests is for lvl 49 at map 3.

It has a subquest, so 2 in total. Assignement 1 = Kill robbers for 10 stolen weapons. Per robber 2196 exp so not too bad. Go back, talk to the quest giver and get 42.800 exp and 53.060 gold.

Do not go the wrong way, right robbers are at the village.


Kill 2 subformans and Turnit.
Turnit is not a regen so i had him without much trouble. With half bless cost me 1 pot and he's yellow.

Kill Turnit = get 2196 Exp.
Subformans give 4764 Gold.

Mission done, go back - 47.500 Exp and 57.220 gold.

No heroics. Shame.

Oh when you kill a guard you get 3.229 gold. For the record.
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Black Breath Quest lvl 49
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