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 Absolute Zero will be the next Eternity

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Kirin Founder
Kirin Founder

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PostSubject: Absolute Zero will be the next Eternity   Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:08 pm

*Warning: I am not a gifted writer and I am poor at structure my story*

If you don't mind me torturing you with my usual lengthy run-on sentences, go on, enjoy your reading Smile

It happened 2 days ago when I was farming lapis in dinos with Ruth as we used to.

We were farming in the crocodile zone that is far far far away from the fury portal. We like farming there because you need to have a high lvl defender (Lv54+HM) to be able to draw aggro back. The mob there will keep loose aggro, they are smarter than dinosaurs. A fighter/priest/mage duo/trio will having hard time farming in that zone due to smarter monster AI. Hence, the zone is 99.9% free of interuption, even if furies have access to gate, no one ever goes there. Most people stick to farming dinos.

However, 2 nights ago, when AoL lost bless (for a short period of maybe 15 mins). Furies opened gate to the jungle. My map started blinking. Madge (my heal bot, of course) got shot down to death while I was running on my sonic shoes, I yelled to Ruth "run run run, push alt-f4 to log out". Unfortunately she got killed as well. There was only one fury, Elaric (lv55 HM archer with 3 diamonds from Absolute Zero) keep chasing me all the way to portal even though it was clear that we simply can't put up a fight and was running away. Having interpretation 3, I asked in local chat "dude, stop. If you need the spot, just say so". No response and Elaric keep shooting at me. I had prevent exp on, I don't mind dying, but having my dread admars shoes (fully lapised) in my inventory, I was afraid to drop it when I got killed. Since I dropped a legend WIS+12 steel castle to Oh.Yeah once, I learned my lesson. Activate untouchable (12 seconds duration) and then push alt-f4 to log out.

I wasn't whining that we got killed while grining, but was rather annoyed by the fact why this guy Elaric attacked us, when:

1. He has 3 diamonds, he don't need any more kills.
2. we were not in his way, people don't even grind there. We were killed by Mikki few times because Mikki wanted the spot for grinding. This guy wasn't even there to grind.
3. When asked to stop attacking, he keep doing so. I am sure he has interpretation 3.
4. He just kill people for fun. Though jungle and dessert are in fact a pvp map, I can understand two factions duke it out when there is conflict of taking resources. However, when we were simply running away and didn't even want to put up a fight. We were UNABLE to put up a fight.

So, I logged on to my fury account. Pm'ed Elaric on why did he attack when I asked him not to. Hoping to understand the reasoning, maybe change his viewing of value of things. Why ruining the farming for us, when simply we were not even in his way. Or simply, maybe a simple agology was all I was looking for.

Sadly, I got responses like following: My reactions were in bracket.

"ET kill us all the time. Someone HAS to pay"

(We have to pay for what ET has done to AZ?!)

"I don't get 35K kills for no reason, you are not going to get any sympathy from me"

(this guy is really full of himself...seriously)

"because you are light"

(Racist, another racist)

"talk to my bow"


"You guys HAVE it WAY too easy. You guys have blessing all the time. I killed you. Deal with it. Cry me a river"

(Ain't my fault when all the furies want to come to lightside, that still doesn't justify the HATRED and killing inoccent people who simply wish to have peace and mind their own business grinding)

"You have 1-15 toon, right? Go feed Noscope kills so he can get out of 1-15 sooner"

(Oh gosh, Noscope is the new "hero" and "golden boy" of AZ now, they are even planning to plvling him for free, wow)

"We can't wait to plvl Noscope"

"It is just a game. Deal with it"

"I play this game to pvp"

"go play Hello.Kitty Online"
(man, whats up with HelloKitty? I take this as an insult)

Finally, I came to the realization of wasting my time try to reason with a maybe 18 years old immature kid. And I am not going to change his view of values no matter what I said, this guy is just full of arrogance and hatred. I logged off my fury account.

The problem that I see with AZ is that, they have been bullied by ET for a long time and their hatred toward whole AoL will blow up someday. As soon as ET fades away due to inactivity of their high lvl's. AZ will take place of ET and monoplize the server, bully everyone else, speak with arrogance and then simply saying, "well, you guys(ET) used to treated us like crap and now you deserve it".

The fact is, there are just as much assholes in AZ as there are in ET. When you are high lvl, when you have the power, you talk loud. Power corrupt people's mind, bring out the greedy nature that is in all of us.

I used to think that, despite which factions you are in, we are a community of gamers, we can all still be all friends. But lately I have come to realize that this is not 100% the case. I try to be nice, I give them respect if they deserves it. All I got is getting "talked down" for being a whiner.

There are only few good furies out there. Majority of them are assholes.

We all play MMORPG game for what? For recognition from the community, for other people's respect.

The other faction IS part of this Shaiya community.

How do you win the other faction's respect and recongnition by being a total asshole? You can't.

They may FEAR you when you have killed tons of the other faction, but they HATE you and they don't RESPECT you.

In fact, some of them will even go out of ways to TRY TO GET YOU BANNED. That is not respect.

Look what happened between AZ and ET? AZ try to get some high lvl ET's banned, they succeed. And then, ET(I am guessing) try to get AZ banned. MosquitoX is their lv 58 HM warrior who was just recently banned...

So players from both sides got banned. I almost lol'ed.

It is true that I kill furies, but only when I was in 1-15. Outside 1-15, I was always getting attacked first, in DD1, in DD2, in 1-60, in new maps.

I used to tell GN, Sara, and Xbel, do not attack furies in DD2 if people were just there to grind.

I don't know. It almost seems the higher lvl you go, more conflicts you will run into with the furies. 90% of them will smack talk you and not playing nice at all.

Oh well. Just my rant. Even on the forum, I see people flaming each other just because "You are light and I am dark".

As for me, I will respect and be nice who respect me and be nice to me. It has always be my principal. I don't make innocent people pay for my frustration.

For those fury bastards who bullied me when I was a lowbie, I can't wait to taste the sweet revenge when I get 50K and lv60 UM and then I will cut them down like grass and show no mercy!

Thanks for reading my rant Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Absolute Zero will be the next Eternity   Mon Oct 20, 2008 6:10 pm

hhehehe you sure love your rants huh? Very Happy oh and actually i beleive alot of Ets are actaully in AZ it would make sense long while back ET wer really lazy and werent in 1-60 for awhile...then AZ suddenly pops up..makes you think huh? plus i heard Duchess.Bera say she was in AZ on trade besides AZ arent that great i beat one of their fighters with my unbleivably squishy mage hehe they can only beat us via nos just lik no.scope...you know his name shouldnt be that it should be no.skills or maybe CantPVPForShit hahaha oh man lol ranting is fun Razz
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Kirin Founder
Kirin Founder

Posts : 51
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PostSubject: Re: Absolute Zero will be the next Eternity   Mon Oct 20, 2008 6:23 pm

Dammit, I would love to see Sara to lvl to 60 and slaughter every single furies in 1-60.
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PostSubject: Re: Absolute Zero will be the next Eternity   Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:29 pm

Extreme wrote:
Dammit, I would love to see Sara to lvl to 60 and slaughter every single furies in 1-60.

Sara is getting there! Also, Elaric doesn't have any honor. I remember the very first time I went to karis. He was inside with another archer 3 shotting all noobs. It may have been a no rules pvp weekend.. not sure. But they were killing everyone over and over in the castle and there were no guards to stop them. No worries.. we are grinding up.. and even got higher rank now. Rank 3, and only 300 points behind the rank 2. We will overtake them tomorrow, then will have access to all of the best guildhouse npcs. We will have better gear, cheaper lapis, cheap grain options, the works. Oh and what is he talking about they never get bless??? For the past week, they have been getting full bless over and over and over. We have been lucky to get it over 1/2.

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PostSubject: Re: Absolute Zero will be the next Eternity   Tue Oct 21, 2008 4:32 am

I only met a very few Fury I spoke with and rather like it to chat to see how they experience the game - I dont have two accounts to explore on the same server both sides. There is one dark player i respect being -Kits- he plays by honor rules and I rather fancy that idea. I wasn't even too peeved when he rushed into the d2 entrance hall to get his team some quest kills because he 'explained' and after he had his kills - left.

Alas very few are reasonable and i understand where your coming from Extreme. But fact is if you get butchered for 4 to 7 times in a row your not in a cattery mood.
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Kirin Founder
Kirin Founder

Posts : 51
Join date : 2008-09-18

PostSubject: Re: Absolute Zero will be the next Eternity   Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:10 pm

lol, Frisia, I know what you are saying.

I am not ranting on why I get killed...I got plenty of deaths on daily basis Razz

Just that when you are grinding and farming lapis and interupted by furies (sweeping) or lighties (Ksing/stealing spots), you get annoyed.

Just the fact that we weren't even in Elaric's way, and he don't need the kills, but just rather enjoy at ruining other people's grinding night...and then talked about how fury population is unbalanced, how they were being bullied by ET, and then that "someone has to pay" preach really turned me off.

Was I pissed off? you bet I was, lol. But after a night's sleep, I am already over it Smile

It is a player choice. Just like the nosing issue. Everyone values difference opnions and have their reasons.

Some are friendly and will , some just want to kill people and enjoy the feeling of "ownage"

You DON'T have to agree with my point of view. There is no such thing as "right" and "wrong", however, there are player ethics, and code of honor, it reflects the personality of the guy who is behind the keyboard.

On a plus note, as arrogant and jackass Elaric may sound, he didn't use any foul language or cussing me out like some other furies I met in game, lol.

Hey, maybe I was preaching to the wrong choir after all Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Absolute Zero will be the next Eternity   Tue Oct 28, 2008 6:49 pm

Elaric is a tosser. Or should that be nosser?
Oh well, either will probably do.

My experiences with furies in dinos have been pretty good. I have partied alongside them several times - them taking the low area & us taking the high area or vice-versa.
D2 is a different story though. Only once have I found a reasonable fury there - every other time the furies have been there specifically to kill lighties, not to grind or farm lapis.
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Kirin Founder
Kirin Founder

Posts : 51
Join date : 2008-09-18

PostSubject: Re: Absolute Zero will be the next Eternity   Thu Oct 30, 2008 12:53 pm

I guess it depends who you run into in new map...

I ran into WaterDrop from AZ the other day, to my surprise, he didn't attack and even said hello and relax...

Even Oh.Yeah won't attack my group if he see me out there grinding. We just leave each other alone.

Elaric is just a depressed and twisted physco who got bullied by ET all the time and want to take his revenge against whole alliance.

It is no doubt, in the near future, I am guessing few months down the road when there are more and more people lv 50+ HM and UM who want to grind in new map will start attacking opposing factions for grinding spots.

But at least for now, there are plenty of grinding spots to go around in dinos.

Dessert 1 is a little bit more dangerous, because there are not much of grinding spot. The only good grind spot is right in the middle, but I have seen a fury guard duo with a pagan and just killing 6 spiders slowly..while at lvl 56, I can easily pull a group of 6 and cycle the whole middle map...so I just leave them alone as long as they don't start attacking.

Has anyone try Dessert 2?

It is my experience that Dessert 2 gives MUCH more exp, the lowest mob lvl there is lv56, larvaes near the portal, they don't have nasty AoE spells and my priest can auto-follow me without getting killed by mob. They give much more exp than crocks in dino, lvl faster there.

Only drop back is that they give crappy accessory lapis, those lapis are truly worthless (they are only for the hardcore players who want top gear I guess)

You need a Lucky Charm (which is like 14 bucks a piece and it is one time use only) and an OP hammer to lapis accessory..without those, you will only have 1% of linking rate and it will break your 15 mil accessory (sold from NPC, it has 2 slots).

Speak of which...one lucky charm is only sold at about 1 US dollar at ShaiyaTW Item Mall and people usually getting stack of those to try to lapis their accessory..

Maybe I need to start a petition thread on AGE forum to ask them to lower the price of Lucky Charm.
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PostSubject: Re: Absolute Zero will be the next Eternity   

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Absolute Zero will be the next Eternity
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