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 Important information....please read.

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PostSubject: Important information....please read.   Fri Oct 03, 2008 11:24 am

War Ensemble is an Alliance of Light Teos guild that focuses mainly on pvp. We will never have any "mass" recruitment. We follow a strict, and limited recruitment process. This guild and its charter today are basically the result of a merge between the original War Ensemble and Kirins of Holy Light. If you feel this is something for you, please read this in its entireity.

Have fun. We do tend to take pvp seriously, but there is a time and a place. Must have the ability to smile.

Required information from applicants:

Any player vs. player or guild vs. guild gaming experience you may have.
Any prior membership with other gaming guilds must be disclosed to us.
How you heard about War Ensemble and why you are interested in joining us.
Your time zone and normal hours of playtime.
Your acknowledge of and agreement to fully follow, uphold and be governed by War Ensemble's Charter and Code of Conduct (Listed Below).
After the "Intent to Join" post is completed, War Ensemble members will ask some follow-up questions in order to get to know the applicant better and also to fill any potential information gaps in the initial application. This process can typically last up to one week. In the meantime, we suggest that the applicant attempt to meet other War Ensemble members in-game so others can get to know you.

When appropriate, the new applicant will be upgraded from recruit status to member status and will be given access to our private forums section. Recruits must have at least one toon with pvp rank 3 or higher in a pvp zone (1-15, 20-30, or 1-60). We are currently not accepting any NM players below level 52.

All new recruits must enter their character information in the Character/Alt list, which can be found in the private sections of our forums.

The War Ensemble patron or recruiting officer shall put up a 'New Recruit' post in the Members section, about the recruit. To the extent full War Ensemble members are familiar with the new recruit, they should post opinions on the recruit one way or another.

It is every War Ensemble member's, especially the patron/mentor's, duty to get to know the new recruit and make a judgment on his potential at becoming a full member.

It is the recruit's duty to get involved with the guild as much as possible.
After a period of time, typically several weeks, the recruit can be promoted to a full member provided:
a) there are no overriding reasons to reject the recruit
b) the recruit has gotten plenty of positive feedback
c) the leadership approves of the promotion.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our members. Be sure to also check our Membership Request board for any updates on recruiting status, etc.



War Ensemble is a collection of individual gamers who have come together under the same ideology. We are here to have fun and to increase our enjoyment through the guild. We are competitive oriented in the MMORPG genre. We fight with honor and fight to win using our wits and skills. We will aid our friends and allies. We will help those who ask of us reasonable requests. We will fight to the last when required. We will conduct ourselves in an adult manner. We will fight our enemies. Read our Code of conduct for general rules that we follow.

What War Ensemble is not

We will not grief play, use hacks, or exploit. We will not disrespect others. We will not tolerate abusive behavior. We will not cowardly run from a fight. We will not back down or surrender.

Please note: War Ensemble is not a newbie leveling service or a treasure trove of equipment. So in most cases you will be expected to outfit and level yourself. We do however have many different levels of players, and pve quite often, as pve is necessary to support the war funds for our pvp toons.

Code of Conduct

* Conduct yourself with Honor and Respect

* Defend with your life: Guildmates, Allies, Friends

* Help your guildmates and back them 100% in any confrontation. Let the guild leaders figure out a resolution later.

* Listen to and obey your leaders' commands and rules. Leave any interpersonal conflicts that may arise between gulidmates, allies or friends, 'out of the game' and settle them in private

* Stay up to date on guild happenings by reading the message forums.

* Do not trash talk or verbally abuse others with foul language or inappropriate slurs.

* Do not divulge guild/ally information from the private areas with those outside the guild or with those that do not have access to that information.

* Do not share forum login information

* Do not board warrior on other message boards on behalf of War Ensemble, e.g. VNBoards, Stratics, etc. Let the leaders be the voice of the guild.

Your conduct should be becoming of these guidelines in the context of the game you are playing.

Disciplinary Actions

All members and recruits will be expected to read this document and agree to it. If you cannot accept what is written here then we ask that you not be part of this guild. If any of the above rules of conduct are broken and are given proof of such conduct (i.e. screen shots or information by reliable source) the leadership reserves the right to remove you from the guild and ban you from board access. Every member will have the opportunity to present his/her case when an accusation is brought to our attention. However, you may be guildless while your case is being heard.

To those bringing claims of misconduct to us, please refrain from making general assessments of the guild due to an individuals actions. Nor make accusations without proof. We will try and determine if such conduct was against our code and move towards disciplinary action.


We in War Ensemble are constantly active in pvp zones. If you have a strong desire for competetive pvp and gvg, you are encouraged to get to know and group with us.

No Kirins fight alone.... Welcome to the war.
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PostSubject: I want to join the War Ensemble guild.   Fri Nov 14, 2008 5:28 pm

I like to PvP, I have a lvl 40 NM ranger, lvl 19 HM priest and a lvl 23 HM fighter.

I really like to PvP and i want to join a PvP guild, so please accept me. Very Happy

(Sorry for my bad english, i am Norwegian).
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Guild Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Important information....please read.   Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:16 pm

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PostSubject: Me a wanna join!   Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:27 am

Hopefully Autumns will remember me....

Hi I'm Shade and I love PvP (Except the nossers, unless you guys are or I become one!!). I have recently been with Knights Of Etain which I enjoyed but I hated the constant fights Crying or Very sad ... I also joined Nayr's Gulid Aurora Very Happy but itn't big enough or enough PvPing for me.

I heard about War Ensemble through the GS AutumnWills and I saw them on Gulid rankings table as number 1 (congratz on that).

I live in the UK (London!!!(GMT) ) and usually play from 4:30pm - 10:00pm with gaps inbetween for dinner and homework.

santa rendeer farao king queen jocolor geek study elephant flower afro < Sorry I just like these emoticons.

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PostSubject: Re: Important information....please read.   Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:36 am

Please create a separate topic in the format listed in the other pinned topic.
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PostSubject: Re: Important information....please read.   

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Important information....please read.
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